In the 2016 Q4 edition, we look at:

Trade Marks – China

  • Case update: Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Trade Mark Infringement in China
  • Replacement of Certification of Trade Mark Registration Status with Printed Online Record

Arbitration – Hong Kong

  • Arbitration of IP Disputes in Hong Kong

Data Privacy – Hong Kong

  • Dodging Your Call: Collection by Mobile Apps of Contact Lists
  • Watch Out! Another Conviction for Breach of the Direct Marketing Provisions

Cybersecurity – China

  • China Passes Cybersecurity Law
  • China Tightens Control Over its Growing Online Streaming Industry by Introducing New Regulations

Cybersecurity – Hong Kong

  • Brokers in the Spotlight: SFC Launches Cybersecurity Review

Digital Signatures – Hong Kong

  • Signing Up to the Future – SFC Accepts Digital Signatures
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