The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) marks its fifth birthday having made a substantial mark on the consumer financial services marketplace.

This retrospective of the CFPB’s first five years provides an overview of its actions in the realms of rulemaking, supervision, and enforcement. While it would be difficult to chronicle all of the CFPB’s activities over that period, the articles in the retrospective provide a snapshot of the rules the CFPB has written or proposed, the supervision program it has implemented, and the enforcement actions it has taken across the landscape of consumer financial services. Some of the articles appeared previously on our blog, Consumer Financial Services Review. Others appeared as Mayer Brown Legal Updates, and many are new analyses or summaries of the CFPB’s actions.

We hope this retrospective proves informative and also conveys the breadth of knowledge and experience of Mayer Brown’s Financial Services Regulatory & Enforcement practice. If you have questions about any of the articles, or wish to obtain further information, please contact the authors or other members of our practice. 

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