It is time for public companies to think about the upcoming 2016 proxy and annual reporting season. Companies have to gather a great deal of information to produce the necessary disclosures. In addition, with increasing frequency, companies are choosing to implement the required elements of their proxy statements with a focus on shareholder engagement, seeking to clearly present, and effectively advocate for, their positions on annual meeting agenda items. As the process for the 2016 proxy and annual reporting season begins, there are a number of recent developments that public companies should be aware of that will impact current and future seasons.

We review the following five key areas:

  • Dodd-Frank Compensation-Related Rulemaking
  • Say-on-Pay and Related Compensation Disclosure and Litigation Considerations
  • Shareholder Proposals (including proxy access)
  • Other Proxy and Annual Reporting Season Matters
  • Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals and Resource Extraction Rulemaking
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