The National Pro Bono Committee of the AT&T Legal Department has named Mayer Brown the inaugural winner of the “AT&T Pro Bono Partner Law Firm of the Year” award. The firm was selected among the regional and national firms that, in addition to representing AT&T in legal matters, help further its pro bono programs and efforts.

“AT&T lawyers know that we can work with and depend on the involvement of Mayer Brown attorneys—whether it’s a Saturday morning Wills for Heroes event, a DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration] clinic, or the highly complex, very demanding immigration asylum cases we have most recently embarked upon in joint representations,” said AT&T General Attorney John J. Reidy III. “[The] Mayer Brown attorneys who have stepped up to these challenges … are all highly competent, resourceful and, importantly, public service-minded individuals.”