In this inaugural issue of The Cartel Report, we take a look at some of the developments and investigations that are shaping global antitrust enforcement, beginning with a development that was once unthinkable: the extradition of a foreign executive to the United States to stand trial on criminal antitrust charges. We then turn our attention to Europe, where ongoing investigations into food products are testing the limits of international cooperation. In Asia, China has joined the auto parts investigations in a big way. We close with a report from Brazil, where the Brazilian authorities recently imposed significant fines and divestments designed to break up a domestic concrete cartel.

Helping businesses to face these emerging challenges is the idea behind The Cartel Report. The Cartel Report does not collect cases or enforcement statistics—plenty of other publications do that quite well. Rather, it offers commentary about trends and developments in cartel enforcement from Mayer Brown’s competition lawyers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We hope you enjoy this issue and welcome your questions and comments.

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