We are pleased to provide our clients and friends with this composite of brief, yet insightful, articles on topics that we believe have captivated much of the energy industry’s attention through 2014. As we look with a watchful eye on the energy markets in 2015, we are optimistic that the world’s energy demands will continue to drive international growth.

Geopolitical and legal developments continue to drive the opportunities for energy investments in developing energy markets, such as Mexico, Romania and Nigeria. Each of these countries has undertaken significant reforms of their legal frameworks in order to support their overall goal of increasing foreign investment. In this respect, we address:

  • Main features of Mexico’s new Hydrocarbons Law and Hydrocarbons Revenues Law passed in August 2014;
  • Analysis of Mexico’s new Electric Law, passed in August 2014;
  • Overview of upstream and midstream opportunities in Romania’s energy sector; and
  • Recent and planned developments in Nigeria’s power industry and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

In the Review, we also focus on the increased role of private equity (PE) in the energy industry, particularly the upstream sector, and the factors that have been driving increased activity.

Next, we examine the EU State aid that was established in 2007 to increase the use of renewable energy and the recent scrutiny that has triggered several highly political investigations of State aid guidelines against Member States, including Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Finally, we focus on Brazil and the significant tax dispute between Brazil’s oil & gas industry and the Brazilian Revenue Service that developed as a result of taxation over outbound payments related to charter agreements for vessels.

We are hopeful that these articles can be of some value and that we have demonstrated our firm’s worldwide reach.

As always, we encourage you to visit the Energy News and Publications page on our web site for a complete list of our articles and energy-related updates.

We encourage you to please visit our Energy News & Publications page on our website for a complete list of our articles and energy updates. If you have any questions or comments on any of this edition’s articles, please contact us.

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