Colin, a senior HR professional of a multinational corporation, is overwhelmed by the series of changes to the employment related legislation in Hong Kong. Today, he meets with a lawyer at Mayer Brown to discuss the new Competition Ordinance…..

Colin: With all the new proposed legislation under consideration by the Legislative Council, is it even possible to have any more new changes?

Mayer Brown: As you know, Hong Kong's first cross-sector competition law is on the verge of coming into operation. The Hong Kong Competition Commission has indeed recently published six draft guidelines on the substantive and procedural aspects of the new Competition Ordinance.

Colin: But surely competition law should not concern me. I am an HR professional?!

Mayer Brown: It is true that most companies do not see the link between HR and competition law issues. However, it would be wrong to assume that competition law is irrelevant to the HR field. Practices such as wage-fixing, exchange of sensitive HR related information, non-solicitation agreements between competitors, or group boycotts against competitors could give rise to competition law issues.

Colin: That is worrying... If that's the case, you must tell me more in our next discussion!