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Events Outside Our Control – How Can Owners and Operators Contractually Control the Consequences?

By Andrew MacGeoch and Emily Wong, Hong Kong

By definition a force majeure is an event outside the control of the parties. However, the parties to a hotel management contract can seek to control some of the consequences, including the allocation of risks, as between the hotel owner and operator.

When I’m 64 – New Hospitality Opportunities

By Ian Lewis, Beijing

The words “When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now” from the old Beatles song about life as a 64-year-old are familiar to many. Sir Paul McCartney is, however, now in his seventies and the song has a rather different relevance to a generation that is now much more focused on health care than would have been the case in the Swinging Sixties. However, it is not only the “baby boomer” generation that is considering health care and “senior living” options; it is entire populations. This is affecting government policy and opening up new opportunities for industry investors in branded residences of a different kind and healthcare and medical tourism.

Hotel Management Agreements under German Law – Potential Surprises for Asian Investors and Operators

By Dr. Jürgen Streng, Düsseldorf

Hotel management agreements have become more popular in Germany in recent years. It is therefore worth examining in some detail the regime for such agreements under German law. This article highlights certain unusual provisions applicable to hotel management agreements under German law that may come as a surprise to international investors and operators experienced in other countries.