A Law Bill protecting individual rights and freedoms on the web has just been passed by the Brazilian Chamber of Representatives (Lower House of Congress).

It protects freedom of expression, the right to privacy (companies collecting data on Brazilian users must obey the country’s privacy and data protection laws, even if the data is held on servers abroad) and provides for the principle of web neutrality - which would require internet service providers to treat all data equally and not provide higher or lower speeds for different internet content or services.

The measure still has to be approved in the Brazilian Senate before it can be signed into law, but it is expected that this will occur swiftly.

The bill was first drafted in 2009 and since then has gone through a long process of approval and consultation with public and private entities and individuals.

You will find the translated wording of the new law (yet to be passed in the Senate) here.

For more information regarding this Legal Update, please contact Dennys Zimmermann and Julio Costa.