On 10/18/2013, the Official Gazette published the ICMS Convention # 101/2013, enacted by the National Finance Policy Council – CONFAZ, which authorized the State of Rio de Janeiro to institute a Tax Amnesty Program to waive or reduce penalties and interest relating to the Tax on Distribution of Goods and Services (ICMS) debts.

The tax amnesty program applies to all debts where tax events had occurred up to September 30, 2013, regardless of whether assessed or not, or listed among collectible debts, and also including those which are subject to ongoing lawsuits or installment payment programs.

The payment of fines and interest arising from default on tax liabilities may be effected with a reduction ranging from 40% to 75%.

The term for adhesion, as well as the procedures to register in the program shall be determined by a State Law, which has not been published yet.

We remain at your entire disposal to provide any clarification that may be required.

For more information regarding this Legal Update, please contact Ivan Tauil or Carolina Bottino.