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Time to think about holidays again? How about Africa this year? Kwadwo Sarkodie and his colleagues have been looking at the legal regimes in Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria and Angola and the bid by Mauritius to be an African seat of arbitration for the 21st century. An arbitration and a holiday on the same trip perhaps? And don’t forget to ask Kwadwo for a copy of the updated Quick Reference Guide to International Arbitration in Sub-Saharan Africa.

On another continent there’s an insight into the legal system in Kazakhstan and a report by Raid Abu-Manneh and Chetna Gulati-Kapoor on the Indian Supreme Court ruling that foreign arbitration and awards are a protected species. Closer to home there are some important reminders from the cases, including why an insurance proposal form needs to be checked very carefully and how to keep a bond alive, and an update on
the contracts and regulations front, not forgetting, of course, PF2.
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