On 28 December 2012 the Beijing Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau issued an order to increase the statutory minimum wage from 1 January 2013.

Under the order the hourly and monthly minimum wages in Beijing are increased to CNY8.05 and CNY1,400 respectively. The above standards do not include items such as the night shift allowance, high/low temperature allowance, overtime pay payable to the employee, and the portion of social insurance and housing fund which is borne by the employee.

In addition, for a part-time employee, the standard of hourly minimum wage is increased to CNY15.2 (or CNY 36.6 for a statutory public holiday). The above standards include the contribution premiums associated with pension, medical insurance and unemployment insurance which are borne by both the employer and the employee.

The basic pension for retirees of enterprises, the basic pension and welfare pension for urban and rural residents, regular benefits for work-related injury insurance and unemployment insurance benefits will also increase accordingly.