The Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap. 610) (BEEO) came into effect on 21 September 2012. The objective of the BEEO is to promote the enhancement of energy efficiency in Hong Kong's buildings.

The BEEO has implemented a number of requirements, a contravention of which may be subject to a fine and may even result in imprisonment. The requirements include:

  • The developer of a prescribed new building must ensure the Building Services Installations (BSI) – namely the electrical, air-conditioning, lighting and lift and escalator installations – meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements specified in the Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Building Services Installation (CoP);
  • If specified works involving the installation or replacement of BSI in an existing prescribed building are carried out, the owner/responsible person must ensure the BSI comply with the CoP;
  • The owner of a commercial building must carry out an energy audit every 10 years in respect of central BSI of the building. The owner must exhibit a copy of the Energy Audit Form at the main entrance of the building.

The above requirements may be exempted upon application to the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. An exemption may be granted (for heritage conservation, technical or operational reasons), where it is undesirable or impracticable to comply with the requirements.

3. Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap. 610)

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