Editors’ Note

In this edition of Mayer Brown’s Global Energy Industry Review, we look at Iraq’s efforts to increase its energy reserves and oil production by hosting several oil and gas licensing rounds over the past four years. The latest round was not well received by the word’s leading international oil companies, however, and we examine some of the reasons why this may have occurred.

In Africa, Angola has become a hot location for foreign investment. We highlight some of the economic and civil transitions that have helped make it so. Staying in Africa, we look at Nigeria and discuss the current state of their energy issues and consider what the future may hold.

We then put the spotlight on Brazil, where that country’s pre-salt discoveries have resulted in an increasing number of foreign companies entering into joint venture investments with Brazilian companies. We highlight the types of Brazilian joint ventures as well as the Brazilian government’s efforts to enhance their oil and gas industry.

Turning to the United States, we feature the ongoing issue of natural gas versus coal regarding the best method for generating energy in America—which energy source currently has the competitive edge?

This edition of the Global Energy Industry Review showcases current energy-related trends around the world. We regularly publish legal updates on timely industry issues. Please visit our Energy News and Publications page to view a complete list of our energy updates.

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