Los Angeles associates Matthew Marmolejo and Ruth Zadikany, under the supervision of partner Elizabeth Mann, successfully represented a physically disabled pro bono client in a dispute with her landlord.  Our client suffers from multiple physical ailments that significantly impact her day-to-day life.  The dispute arose when our client notified her landlord that her rent-controlled apartment was infested with mold, which she felt was affecting her health.  Despite months of pleading with the landlord to fix the problem, complaining to the Los Angeles Health Department, and obtaining a professional mold-inspection report that indicated high levels of mold in the apartment, the landlord failed to adequately remediate the problem.  Instead, the landlord offered to pay the client a minimal amount to vacate her rent-controlled apartment.  After investigating the matter and assessing whether it was in the client’s best interest to vacate, Matt and Ruth obtained a favorable settlement for our client and put an end to the dispute.  The settlement generously covered all of our client’s mold-related expenses and damages.

The case was referred to the firm by Bet Tzedek, a not-for-profit legal services organization.