Following a three-day trial and a two-day, 10-hour jury deliberation, a not guilty verdict was obtained for a pro bono client charged with murder.

The firm was appointed to represent the defendant by Chicago Judge James Linn. Partner Mike Feagley, former partner John Touhy and associate Ellie Carey handled the matter, with assistance from paralegal Molly Sherlock, summer associate Laura Babinsky and Director of Pro Bono Activities and Litigation Training Marc Kadish

Our client was accused of firing 15 shots from an AK 47 assault rifle, killing one person and wounding one other. Ellie Carey, in her first trial, conducted the opening statement and cross-examined two of the state’s eyewitnesses as well as the state's firearms expert. Mike and John split the remaining cross-exams, with Mike conducting the closing argument.

Laura Babinsky wrote a crucial motion in limine and memorandum of law that helped preclude the prosecution from introducing hearsay testimony that it claimed fit into the hearsay exception concerning present state of mind.