Edmund Parker is head of the London office's Derivatives practice and co-head of the global Derivatives & Structured Products practice. He advises on complex OTC credit and equity derivatives, property derivatives, commodity derivatives (including emissions trading), Islamic derivatives and insurance and pensions-linked derivative structures. He also advises on repackagings, as well as distress situations affecting derivatives.

He has extensive experience in a wide variety of structured transactions, including CFOs (collateralised fund obligations), cash and synthetic CDOs, credit CPPI (constant proportion portfolio insurance), the establishment of CDPCs (Credit Derivative Product Companies), and structured equity and commodity products.

The Dodd-Frank legislation on derivatives is in place in the US but Europe is lagging behind. Edmund Parker explains how Europe's regulators may approach this as US regulators come up rules to implement the legislation, and suggests there could be regulatory arbitrage as deal makers pick and choose their trading location.