Published by Mayer Brown LLP

By Stuart M. Litwin and William A. Levy

The securitization market for equipment and auto leases is no longer in its infancy. The securitization market has developed to create a wide variety of financing structures to provide low cost financing to leasing companies. Securitization has become a part of the financing strategy for virtually all leasing companies.

Although no book can possibly cover all of the lease securitization structures and transactions that have been created, this book will address the following topics: First, it will provide an overview of securitization concepts and outline the most important issues faced in any securitization. Second, it will address issues of particular concern in lease securitizations. Third, it will cover some of the additional problems and wrinkles faced in securitizations of auto and truck leases. Finally, it will address some exciting new developments, namely the use of securitization structures to transfer tax benefits and the synthetic securitization of residual value and other risks of lease portfolios.