An amendment to the Turkish Customs Tariff now allows Thai vehicles, aircrafts, vessels and transport equipment to enjoy preferential import duty rates for 2009.

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The Generalized System of Preferences of Turkey ("Turkish GSP") is a program strengthening and expanding trade opportunities between Thailand and Turkey. As one of the beneficiary countries of the Turkish GSP, Thailand has more than 2500 products, particularly industrial products, which benefit from preferential import duties (reduced or zero rate) when exported to Turkey.

According to the Thai Department of Foreign Trade, the Turkish Government on 31 December 2008 issued a Decree (Import Regime No.2008/1447) modifying the list of the Turkish GSP status of certain beneficiary countries and qualified products eligible for preferential duty rates from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009.

The Decree expanded the list of Thai products to include vehicles, aircrafts, vessels and transport equipment. The descriptions of the products as specified in Chapters 86 to 89 of the Harmonized Tariff System consist of:

Chapter 86  : Railway or tramways, locomotives, rolling stock, track fixtures and parts thereof, mechanical & electro-mechanical traffic signal equipment
Chapter 87 : Vehicles (not railway, tramway, rolling stock), parts and  accessories
Chapter 88 : Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof
Chapter 89 : Ships, boats and floating structures


To obtain the GSP preferential tariff treatment, Thai exporters must meet the following conditions prior to exporting their products to Turkey:

  1. their products are covered by the Turkish GSP;
  2. their products must originate in Thailand; and 
  3. they must present documentary evidence (e.g. Certificate of Origin Form  A, Invoice Declaration, Bills of Lading).


Thai exporters of vehicles, aircraft, vessels and other associated equipment should use this opportunity to increase  or to enter the Turkish market. To obtain import duty rebate or reduced import duty rate, Thai exporters should prepare the necessary application and forms available from the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, and  the required supporting documents.

For any questions relating to the Turkish GSP preference or for assistance in preparing the documents, please contact:

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