Thai, as well as other exporters to Indonesia are required to get a technical assessment before they can ship their goods to Indonesia.

This requirement is pursuant to the recently issued Ministerial Regulation No. 44/2008 of the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia which requires a technical assessment to be conducted for certain types of goods which are to be imported to Indonesia. The Ministerial Regulation lists 529 goods including electronics, garments, toys, footwear, food and beverages.

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According to news released by the Thai Department of Foreign Trade, the Indonesian Government issued the Ministerial Regulation to protect consumers, promote fair competition and minimise the impact of the global economic downturn. The Ministerial Regulation was originally slated to take effect on 15 December 2008 and was subsequently postponed to 1 January 2009 for garments, and 1 February 2009 for electronics, toys, footwear, food and beverages.

Any exporters who wish to export any of these goods to Indonesia shall be required to arrange for a technical assessment performed by surveyors (who are deemed acceptable to the Indonesian Government) in the country of origin before shipment.

A Certificate of Inspection will be issued by the surveyors if the goods pass the test. The importers of such goods are required to submit the Certificate of Inspection to the Customs Officer at the port of destination upon customs clearance. The Ministerial Regulation lists specific ports of destination in Indonesia where these goods should be imported.

In addition, the Ministerial Regulation requires importers to register and submit quarterly reports to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

This requirement is expected to increase the cost of exporting products to Indonesia.

To avoid any inconvenience or disruption of exports to Indonesia, Thai and other exporters should consult their Indonesian importers as regards these requirements. Thai and other companies handing imports themselves would need to register with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

The full English version of the Ministerial Regulation may be provided upon request.

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