The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (the "IEAT") has recently issued a new notification regarding the types of service businesses allowed to operate in industrial estates.

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IEAT, a government juristic person, is responsible for the development and establishment of industrial estates which refer to areas designated for industrial activities, services or other activities beneficial to or connected with industrial activities, services or exporting of products.

IEAT has recently issued Notification No. 100/2551 ("Notification"), which came into effect on 2 December 2008. It prescribes the types of services approved to operate in industrial estates as follows:

  • Businesses related to the buying, selling and production of industrial goods;
  • Businesses related to the management of logistics and supply chains such as warehouses, container depots or truck terminals and distribution centres;
  • Businesses related to exhibition and conference centre and to the display of goods;
  • Businesses related to repair, maintenance and engineering services;
  • Businesses related to industrial research and development;
  • Telecommunication, computer, information, multimedia, documentary and entertainment media services;
  • Businesses related to health and sanitation, such as hospitals, nursing homes, integrated health development centres, sport recreation and development centres and health clubs;
  • Businesses related to education, such as educational institutes and training centres; and
  • Other related service businesses.

Businesses operating in industrial estates may be permitted to own land, to bring in foreign experts, or to get exemption from payments of surcharge and tax under prescribed requirements.

At present, there are 38 industrial estates in Thailand which are operated or monitored by IEAT. Business operators wishing to establish and to operate in an industrial estate to provide any of the listed services above must file an application with IEAT.  

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