The Prime Minister of Vietnam issued Decision No. 36/2008/QD-TTg on 10 March 2008 to set out the strategy for textile and garment industry development up to 2015 with orientation towards 2020 ("Decision 36").

This pushes up the long-term development of the Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industry.
Full Update 
1. Decision 36 sets out the following developmental policies:
(a)  Developing the textile and garment industry towards specialization and modernisation and aiming to create a breakthrough in both the quality and quantity of products;

(b)  Regarding export as a developmental objective, expanding export markets and simultaneously maximising development of the domestic market;

(c)  Developing the textile and garment industry while protecting the environment and restructuring agricultural labor in rural areas;
(d)  Diversifying the forms of ownership and types of enterprise in the textile and garment industry and promoting all domestic and foreign resources for investment in the development of the industry.
2. Decision 36 also sets forth the following implementation strategy:
(a)  Regarding investment solutions: (i) encouraging all domestic and foreign economic sectors to invest in the development of the textile and garment industry to meet domestic and export demands; (ii) formulating investment projects; (iii) building specialized textile and garment industrial parks; (iv) coordinating with locals in investing in cotton tree development;

(b)  Regarding human resources development: training human resources for the textile and garment industry;
(c)  Regarding scientific and technological solutions: (i) reorganizing textile and garment research institutes; (ii) researching and applying new technologies and materials; (iii) formulating standards and technical regulations;
(d)  Regarding market resolutions: (i) expanding and enhancing the market, reforming administrative procedures, enhancing trade law consultancy; (ii) organizing a domestic retail network, renewing export marketing methods; (iii) assigning adequate legal officials for textile and garment enterprises to participate in making and negotiating contracts;
(e)  Regarding solutions on the supply of raw and auxiliary materials: (i) building centers for supplying raw and auxiliary materials; and (ii) setting up enterprise trading in high quality raw and auxiliary materials;
(f)  Regarding financial solutions: (i) raising capital for investment from domestic and foreign financial markets; (ii) funding by the State for research, human resources training and environmental treatment.
This Circular takes effect as of 21 March 2008.
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