On 17 August 2007 the Prime Minister of the Government issued Decision No. 135/2007/QD-CP on Regulations on Visa Exemption for Vietnamese Residing Overseas (Decision 135). Decision 135 became valid on 8 September 2007.

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According to Decision 135, the followings are exempted from the visa requirements:

-  Vietnamese citizens residing overseas;

-  Any foreigner being the spouse or child of a Vietnamese citizen or of a Vietnamese citizen residing overseas.

The above person shall be exempted if they satisfy the following conditions:

-  Having a foreign passport or document replacing a foreign passport which remains valid for at least six moths as from the date of entry. If a Vietnamese citizen residing overseas does not have a passport then he or she must have a document certifying permanent residence issued by a foreign authority, which remains valid for at least six months as from the date of entry;

-  Having a visa exemption certificate issued by the competent authority of Vietnam.

Not within the category "not yet permitted to enter Vietnam" as stipulated in Article 8.1 of the Ordinance on Entry, Exit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam, specifically:

  • Falsifying papers or intentionally making a false declaration when carrying out procedures for entry;
  • Due to reasons of prevention or fighting against an epidemic;
  • Committing a serious violation of the law of Vietnam on a previous entry;
  • Due to reasons of national security or other special reasons as decided by the Minister of Police.

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