In April and July of 2007, lawyers and staff from the Houston office donated time and money to Habitat for Humanity. Mayer Brown participated with the Houston Bar Association in constructing several homes in low-income areas of Houston in a development that particularly benefits former New Orleans residents who have been displaced following Hurricane Katrina. According to Bill Knull, the partner who spearheaded the efforts, more than 16 people from the office volunteered their time to "pound nails, and the occasional thumb," to help construct two houses of a 200+ house subdivision.

One of the volunteers, associate Stephen Chan, said that within the Houston community, Mayer Brown is known as a "good neighbor." But more than that, Stephen says, "we have a responsibility to use our God-given talents and abilities to benefit those who are unable to help themselves." Mildred Byrd, a document services coordinator, appreciated how everyone participated to "provide something nice and worthwhile to someone to improve their lives." According to Mildred, "after you see a house erected on a slab after eight hours of hard labor, you say 'it was worth it.'"