Competitive Edge will be a regular publication by JSM focusing on significant competition law developments in Hong Kong and China, and relevant international trends.

Full Update

The publication of this edition of Competitive Edge follows significant developments in competition law in both Hong Kong and China. In Hong Kong, Chief Executive Donald Tsang announced during his 10 October 2007 policy address that the government was aiming to introduce a competition bill in the 2008-09 legislative session. Details of the proposed law will be released for public discussion and scrutiny before the bill is introduced. Meanwhile, China has introduced its first comprehensive competition law, the Anti-Monopoly Law. This new law commences 1 August 2008, and has the potential to significantly impact on businesses in China, as well as international merger and acquisition activity.

In this edition of Competitive Edge, JSM:

  • provides an overview of China's new Anti-Monopoly Law
  • reports on developments in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Consumer Council's newly announced review of consumer protection laws
  • examine issues relating to "price-fixing" as part of our regular review of one element of Hong Kong and China's existing or proposed competition laws, and
  • considers the significance for Hong Kong and China of recent developments in international competition law, including the upholding of a €497m European Commission fine on Microsoft for abuse of a market dominance, and developments in relation to "resale price maintenance" laws in the United States.

We hope you find this new publication interesting and instructive. Please click Competitive Edge to view the newsletter.

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