The growth of tourism, tourism related businesses and property developments in Hua Hin have led to an increase in advertising on commercial billboards and signage in Hua Hin. Thus, Hua Hin recently announced an ordinance restricting construction and erection of billboards in Hua Hin effective since 17 March 2007.

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Under Thai law, a billboard is considered a "building" pursuant to the Building Control Act.  Thus, the Building Control Act and other relevant laws apply to the construction and erection of billboards and signs.

Previously, Hua Hin Municipality did not restrict construction of billboards and signs.  Consequently, a large number of billboards and signs of different sizes, shapes and styles have been erected in and around the municipality, often without regard for public safety or adhering to any recognised standards.  Billboards and signs have made the tourist resort town appear untidy and over commercialised, detracting from the natural beauty of the area.

In order to control the construction of billboards in line with the policy to maintain and improve the beauty of the area, and for the safety of people and assets, Hua Hin Municipality, by virtue of the Building Control Act, recently proclaimed an ordinance restricting construction, modifications to structures created for the purpose of installing billboards, dated 14 December 2006 ("Billboard Ordinance").

Details are as follows:

1.  Effective Date

The Billboard Ordinance became effective on 17 March 2007 (the date after it was published in the Government Gazette).

2.  Restricted Areas

The Billboard Ordinance applies to areas within the boundary of the Hua Hin Municipality, excluding certain areas determined by the relevant Ministerial Regulations.

3.  Restricted Billboards

All billboards are prohibited in Hua Hin Municipality, except for the following:

(a)  Street signs, lane signs, sub-lane signs, official billboards for public announcements and political campaign billboards pursuant to the Election Law.

(b)  Billboards displaying signs or symbols of a business (logos), and billboards displaying a total area not exceeding 5 square metres, and not exceeding 12 metres in height. This does not apply to billboards or structures on roofs or roof decks.

The height of the billboard shall be measured from the ground level to the maximum point of the billboard.

4.  Billboard Modifications

Modifications to ,or changes in construction of, any billboards will be prohibited in the specified areas of Hua Hin.

5.  Exempted Buildings

The Billboard Ordinance exempts buildings and structures already existing in Hua Hin Municipality before the Billboard Ordinance became effective.  However, modifications or changes to the use of such buildings or structures are restricted.


This Billboard Ordinance, though beneficial for the preservation of natural resources and aesthetic beauty of the area, does however affect developers of real-estate projects in the municipality. These developers, who have relied heavily on billboards and large signage to advertise and direct prospective customers to their developments, will now have to adopt new methods to promote their properties. 

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