Hotel, Resort and home stay businesses intending to do or currently doing business in Phang-Nga Province are now subject to new requirements for environmental protection purposes.

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The Ministry of National Resources and Environment has enacted, a notification concerning delimitation of zoning areas and measures for the environmental protection of Phang-Nga's area, with regards to hotels/resorts and home stay businesses.

This Notification which came into effect on the 27 March 2007, classifies zoning areas into 6 areas for environmental protection purposes. These comprise of the following:

  • The first zone comprises of the area which is a distance of 3000 metres from the lowest level of the tide to the seashore. This area is defined as sea grass and coral reef protection zone;
  • The second zone covers the area adjacent to the coastline which is defined as natural resources and mangrove conservation zone;
  • The third zone comprises the beach area mainly in Khuraburi Sub-district and Thai Muang Sub-district. This area is for the protection of sea turtles to lay eggs;
  • The fourth zone is the area in Koh Yoa District (the island) and excluding areas in Zone 1 and 2;
  • The fifth zone is the Protected Sustainable Tourist Zone, defined as the preserved areas where the tourist based activities can be performed provided the activities do not destroy nature, and comprises the eastern part of areas that 1,000 metres parallel with the National Highway No. 4 in Bang Muang and Khuk Khok Sub-districts of Takua Pa District; and
  • The sixth zone comprises of the areas (excluding Zones 1-5) in Khuraburi, Takua Pa, Thai Muang, Thab Pud, Muang Phang-Nga, Takua Pa and Koh Yao districts of Phang-Nga Province.

Hotels or resorts with 80 rooms or more and home-stay businesses with more than 30 rooms are prohibited from construction, modification or alteration.

An initial environment report is required to be prepared before the following land development projects are launched in the zoning area:

  • Hotel or resort with 10 to 79 rooms for accommodation; and
  • a residential or commercial land development having 11 to 99 plots of land or having a total area not more than 19 Rai.

A full environmental report is required if projects exceed the size specified above.


Phang-Nga Province, through the enactment of this notification, is taking measures to preserve its natural resources and this notification should be taken into consideration when wishing to conduct hotel/resort or home stay business in Phang-Nga Province

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