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The growing number of cross-border IP and IT license agreements has led to a sharp increase in license disputes in international arbitrations. These disputes have arisen in the pharmaceutical, medical device, technology, computer, financial services and transportation industries, among many others. The disputes often raise a wide range of technical and legal issues, including the proper scope of the license, the correct calculation of royalties, the scope of patent or trademark rights, the nature and scope of proprietary algorithms, and claims of misappropriated trade secrets.

In this CLE Webinar, James R. Ferguson and B. Ted Howes will discuss winning strategies in IT and IP license disputes in international arbitrations. The webinar will explore the most effective ways to build and present a winning case at the hearing, with a special emphasis on the selection of the arbitrators, the management of effective discovery, the cross-examination of fact and expert witnesses, and the effective use of experts, graphics and written advocacy. 

You can view the presentation slides here.