Gabriela Kennedy delivered a seminar titled, “Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, E-commerce in China” to a watch and optical shop retailer on 24 July 2019. 

Gabriela kicked off the seminar by introducing the core principles of data protection vs cybersecurity and with examples of elements and types of cybersecurity regulation in Asia. She then examined in detail the key issues under China’s Cybersecurity Law, including the implementation of measures and regulations such as those relating to Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) operators, Measures for the Security Review of Network Products and Services, Regulations on Cybersecurity Multi-Level Protection Scheme, the new Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0 Standards, and enforcement. 

The speaker then focused on measures and regulations around data privacy, including data localisation, and cross-border data transfer restrictions, personal information specifications; and data security management in China. She then provided an overview of the new E-Commerce Law, outlining its applicability and the general obligations under the Law and consequences of non-compliance. She went through recent updates on Cross-Border E-Commerce. The session was followed by a lively Q&A.