On 30 May 2019, Hong Tran together with Julia Mayerhofer (Interim Co-Director of PILnet Hong Kong), co-hosted a roundtable titled “Structuring Labour Force within NGOs”, which kicked off the PILnet and Mayer Brown Employment Law Workshop Series in 2019. The roundtable was well-attended by delegates from various NGOs in Hong Kong, such as Pathfinders, Kids4Kids, and Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre. The seminar opened with welcoming remarks from Julia and Hong, followed by an overview of different categories and status of labour force (full time, part time, volunteer etc). The team further explained the legal obligations for each category with case studies. 

The audience was then asked to think about the roles they have at their respective organisation (e.g. Board member, CEO, etc.). Hong walked them through each position to determine the position’s category/status and then considered the legal and business issues that may arise in relation to status of the position. The seminar was enthusiastically received with active participation from the floor. Last but not least, the team walked the participants through two sample volunteer agreements highlighting suggested language for NGO participants to consider.