On 27 February 2019, Jennifer Cheung, our pro bono and corporate social responsibility manager, and Leontine Chuang, consultant of PILnet, co-hosted an interactive and all around discussion on "NGO and Public Interest Advocacy in Non-Profit Sector" in The University of Hong Kong, attended by students of the course "Ethical Lawyering for Public Interest". 

Students interviewed both speakers about their career to answer to address three questions: (1) what is pro bono, (2) what is public interest and (3) what is ethical lawyering and then the students shared what they’ve gathered. In the presentation session, Leontine shared about the various types of PILnet opportunities and their importance. Jennifer followed to explain how Mayer Brown supports pro bono work and how our lawyers are involved. This was followed by a joint discussion on general observation of the pro bono culture in Hong Kong.