With the Brexit endgame on the horizon, the latest series of our interactive workshops assisted employers in preparing for the changes in free movement that the Brexit withdrawal heralds. The workshop covered:

  • Citizen’s Rights After the Withdrawal on 29 March 2019. With the final Withdrawal Agreement in sight, what steps should employers be prepared to take to optimise the citizen’s rights of legacy employees?
  • Future UK Immigration Policy. With the MAC report published, and an immigration white paper expected imminently, how can employers prepare for the biggest shake up to the UK immigration system in decades?
  • EU Settlement Scheme. As the phases of the Scheme are implemented, what steps should employers take now, including for registration, determination of new assignments, and monitoring of employees traveling in the region?
  • Potential Game Changer. Would the Prime Minister invoke a new referendum at this late date, and what impact would it have at this stage?
  • A View From France. Are the UK and EU guidelines likely to set a uniform standard, or are individual member states empowered to change the equation?
  • Best Practices for Business Travel and Postings. How should employers be monitoring and tracking business travel and postings employers require to be prepared for change?
  • Checklist. What standards, controls, and data should be in place, and by when, to be prepared for Brexit?