The growing number of business-to-business license agreements has led to a sharp increase in “license dispute” arbitrations in the life sciences, information technology, financial services and other industries. These disputes typically involve intellectual property and often raise a wide range of legal and factual issues, including the proper scope of the license, the correct calculation of royalties, the ownership of newly developed IP and the extent of any misappropriated IP.

In this CLE webinar, James R. Ferguson and Dara M. Kurlancheek will examine:

  • The key issues in arbitrating domestic and international license disputes, including patent, trade secret and other IP-related claims
  • How the nature of a license dispute can affect the:

    • Major strategic decisions at the start of the arbitration
    • Selection of arbitrators
    • Need for emergency relief
    • Scope of discovery
    • Use of experts
    • Scope of confidentiality 
    • Presentation of evidence and arguments at the hearing

The webinar will also explore the ways in which a well-drafted arbitration clause can effectively address the special issues posed by license disputes, including issues of venue and governing law.

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