Outside and in-house lawyers with national reputations in patent litigation will offer best practices on trying and managing bench and jury patent trials, as well as on U.S. Patent Office post-grant trial proceedings.

Highlights include:

  • A demonstration of effective opening statements in a patent case from both the plaintiff and the defendant, including commentary from a jury consultant
  • Recent developments affecting patent litigation practice and case strategies, including current and future impacts of key Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions, as well as proposed legislation
  • Strategies for multi-party litigation, joint defense groups, indemnification, and indirect and divided infringement claims
  • Advanced strategies and tactics in navigating the complex world of patents, including patent monetization and litigation finance, patent litigation, parallel PTO proceedings and business considerations
  • Trends in patent remedies: damages, injunctions and ongoing royalties where an injunction is not granted
  • Ethical issues in jury cases, including the role of social media
  • Special Feature: District Court Judges share their views on managing patent litigation, recent trends, and tips for efficient case disposition (featuring two separate Judges sessions)