The fallback provisions recently proposed by the US Alternative Reference Rates Committee (“ARRC”) attempt to address two concerns for 2021: (a) chaos in the financial markets as participants attempt to incorporate the new SOFR-based reference rate into their lending transactions and (b) for transactions that are re-priced with a SOFR-based interest rate, the borrower paying an increased interest rate (and transferring value to the lender) or a lowered interest rate (and the lender transferring value to the borrower).

Please join Mayer Brown partner David Duffee as he discusses:

  • What the ARRC’s two proposed fallbacks—the “amendment approach” and the “hard-wired approach”—involve
  • How the fallbacks are structured to mitigate chaos in 2021
  • How the fallbacks address (or do not address) value transfer
  • How the regulators want the market to eliminate value transfer

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