The Euromoney/ECBC Global Covered Bond Congress 2018 is the largest annual meeting of the global covered bond community. This event is instrumental in the dialogue between the market and its regulators, in the education of investors and in the debates which shape the future of the market. In addition to the topics specific to the covered bond market, this event will also cover the wider context, from the geopolitical environment to regulatory changes to alternative forms of bank funding.
Partner Jerry Marlatt will speak on a panel titled “The Globalization of Covered Bonds: Has the Basel Committee Fired the Starting Gun?” Topics will include:

  • What did Basel say about covered bonds? And is it compatible with what Brussels is saying?;
  • Do we have to adopt mutual recognition of each other’s covered bond regimes?;
  • Prospects for non-European covered bonds beyond the investment grade Anglosphere; and
  • Are there enough investors? Are they ready for what is about to start?

For more information, or to register, please visit the event website.