Mayer Brown’s booklet, Managing the Early Stages of Commercial Litigation in the US: Critical First Steps, offers insights into issues that can arise during the early stages of a lawsuit and identifies important elements to consider.

Please join Mayer Brown Commercial Litigation partners John Conlon, Reginald Goeke and Michael Lennon as they discuss important topics addressed in our guide, including actions that should be taken in the first days and weeks upon receiving a summons and civil complaint.

Those issues include:

  • Ensuring compliance with document preservation obligations
  • Notifying relevant third parties (including insurers, potential indemnitors, the Board and/or the public)
  • Conducting a meaningful early case assessment

Early mistakes may not be easily undone and, thus, can haunt the company throughout the life of the litigation and beyond. Conversely, a solid initial response to the litigation can place the company at a competitive advantage to its adversary and allow the company and its counsel to better set the agenda and course of the litigation.

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