Do you know what “GDPR” means?

The new General Data Protection Regulation for Europe (GDPR) was designed to protect the identifiable information of all individuals within the European Union. American attorneys with clients who have business in Europe – and American attorneys working in international law firms – need to understand GDPR and how it applies to companies and law firms that are based in the United States. Attorneys and in-house counsel with basic to intermediate practice experience who attend this seminar will better understand:

  • What to expect when the new law takes effect in May 2018;
  • Why protecting your client’s data is so important (and the consequences for not doing so);
  • The privacy issues and concerns in the U.S. and under the GDPR that you need to be aware of;
  • How GDPR affects U.S. based organizations; and
  • Much more!


GDPR for the Mostly U.S. Organizations

Your law firm may be in the United States … but where is your data? Where do your clients keep their data? Are you prepared if you suddenly find a client with European ties? This presentation examines GDPR for those attorneys dealing with mostly U.S.-based organizations.

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