Mayer Brown Partners Jason Kravitt, Larry Platt and Jon Van Gorp will speak at SFIG’s Residential Mortgage Finance Symposium 2017 being held November 7-8, 2017, in New York City. This symposium explores the intersection of private capital and government sponsored entities in the residential mortgage market. It will encompass the entire spectrum of the mortgage finance market: Single Family Rental properties, Non-Performing & Re-Performing Loans, Mortgage Servicing Rights, Credit Risk Transfer transactions, and Private Label Securitizations, as well as updating work on RMBS 3.0 standardization and best practices. Mayer Brown is a Gold Sponsor.

Jason Kravitt will be a member of the panel on “Finalizing Materiality and Enforcement in RMBS 3.0”, Larry Platt will moderate the panel on “Re-Performing Loans and Non-Performing Loans - The Changing Regulatory Landscape - Federal and State Level Oversight” and Jon Van Gorp will moderate the panel on “The Latest in Securitizing MSRs and Excess MSRs.”

For more information please visit the conference website.