Managing the tax issues and transactional consequences relating to intellectual property assets is a critical part of any merger, acquisition, reorganization, joint venture or tax-driven migration of IP assets from one affiliate to another, particularly for a multinational corporation.

Whenever a transaction includes either the acquisition or the migration of IP assets, it often results in inter–affiliate licensing decisions that implicate both tax and IP issues. The failure to address both the tax and the IP issues can result in harm to the company.

Please join Mayer Brown Intellectual Property partner James R. Ferguson and Tax Controversy and Transfer Pricing partner John T. Hildy as they discuss the following topics:

  • How can a company optimize its tax position through the placement of its IP assets?
  • What transfer pricing issues arise when a company migrates the ownership of its patents from one jurisdiction to another?
  • How does cost sharing affect the tax treatment of IP assets developed by joint ventures?
  • What tax disputes are currently being raised concerning ownership of IP assets?
  • What patent enforcement issues can arise when a company migrates the ownership of its IP assets from one jurisdiction to another?
  • How can a company best design its inter-affiliate licensing structure to protect the enforcement options for its patent portfolio?
  • How should patent-owning companies draft employee agreements to ensure corporate ownership of all future inventions?

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