The Federal government market is increasingly complex and compliance driven. Budget pressure, inappropriate use of fixed-price contracts, increasing compliance and transparency requirements, the initiation of a “super” oversight board, intensified focus on contract and business systems auditing, increased emphasis on suspension and debarment, and growing use of the False Claims Act to enforce contract terms all make participation in this market a daunting endeavor — for both experienced and new entrants alike. This program will bring leading government contracts law practitioners and policy makers together for an in-depth discussion of important business considerations involved in participating in this market, recent trends, and best practices for companies operating in the Federal government space. This program is designed for both companies and government agencies, and their counsel that are endeavoring to understand the rapidly changing marketplace.

Topics include:

  • Insights regarding new and pending policy, and regulatory changes and risks that contractors face
  • Overview of dispute resolution with the Federal government and what the judiciary sees as important recent decisions that the government contracting community should be following
  • Transparency and reporting requirements — how much of your business information will be public and how will the new oversight board affect your business?
  • Contract compliance and the False Claims Act — implications for contract management
  • Infrastructure Expansion, public-private partnerships and the impact on government contractors

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