PLI’s Patent Fundamentals Bootcamp 2017: An Introduction to Patent Drafting, Prosecution, and Litigation is a three-day program featuring lectures each morning followed by small clinic sessions in the afternoon. Both the lecture sessions and the clinics will follow the patent application process—from invention disclosure and patent preparation (Day 1), through prosecution, issuance and beyond (Day 2) to litigation/claim analysis (Day 3).

The lectures are designed to provide a review of the patent preparation and prosecution process and explain:

  • How to prepare a patent application that satisfies the statutory requirements for patentability and distinctly claims the subject matter which the applicant regards as the invention with an eye towards successful prosecution and enforcement
  • How to prosecute an application to obtain allowance of an enforceable patent
  • How to interview an Examiner
  • How to use reissues, reexamination supplemental examinations, inter partes review, post-grant review and other post-issuance proceedings
  • How to anticipate patent litigation issues during the patent prosecution process
  • How to approach patent opinion drafting

PLI California Center
685 Market Street
San Francisco, CA