On March 1, 2017, NYU’s Center for Cybersecurity is bringing together thought leaders from government, industry and academia to explore and discuss critical issues and potential solutions impacting effective and efficient Cybersecurity regulation. Our goal is to explore and develop suggestions and guidance that can aid our national dialogue and strategy regarding how best to regulate Cybersecurity. This full-day workshop will include three segments of facilitated discussion, beginning with brief remarks by specified individuals to help frame each discussion, and then opening to the entire participant group who will share diverse and sage perspectives regarding: (1) The Critical Need to Coordinate Cybersecurity Regulatory Oversight – Issues, Obstacles and Solutions; (2) Lessons by Analogy: Cybersecurity Regulation Through the Lens of Tort, Anti-Money-Laundering, Financial Fraud and Sanctions Law; and (3) Seeking a Coordinated Approach: Strategic and Technological Solutions. We also will have a period of informal discussion among participants during the lunch period.

Our hope is not just to discuss these critical issues, but to help cultivate an action plan for informing and guiding law, policy and strategy regarding Cybersecurity regulation.

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