Regulatory agencies increasingly are scrutinizing the cybersecurity of the wide range of connected devices, systems and services that constitute the Internet of Things (IoT). While offering enormous benefits to businesses and consumers, the IoT also presents significant cyber risks. Companies that manufacture, market or use these devices consequently face heightened financial, legal and reputational harm as connected devices become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, from consumer devices to critical infrastructure. Regulators across industries also have taken notice and are issuing a growing volume of regulatory guidance and raising the prospect of increased enforcement activity.

Please join Mayer Brown lawyers Laura Hammargren, Kendall Burman and Stephen Lilley as they:

  • Describe recent cyber incidents and emerging threats in the IoT
  • Highlight federal guidance on cybersecurity best practices in the IoT
  • Discuss regulatory expectations for cybersecurity in the IoT
  • Provide suggestions for mitigating related regulatory risk