Seeking to have their cases heard in plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions, plaintiffs’ counsel have traditionally invoked the general-personal-jurisdiction doctrine to sue defendants in preferred “magnet” jurisdictions without regard to where the plaintiffs’ claims arose. This forum-shopping strategy hit a major stumbling block in 2014 when the US Supreme Court sharply limited the scope of general personal jurisdiction, ruling in Daimler AG v. Bauman that ordinarily a corporate defendant will, as a matter of due process, be subject to general personal jurisdiction only in the state (or states) where it is incorporated or has its principal place of business and not in every state in which it regularly engages in significant business.

In the wake of Daimler, the plaintiffs’ bar has pursued various tactics to avoid the Supreme Court’s decision. Mayer Brown has been deeply involved in combating those efforts. In this 60-minute webinar, Mayer Brown lawyers will discuss recent developments in post-Daimler litigation, the tools that Daimler provides to dismiss suits filed in magnet jurisdictions, and how corporate defendants can best defeat plaintiffs’ efforts to evade Daimler. They will address (among other topics):

  • The significance of personal jurisdiction to corporations doing business nationwide
  • How to overcome plaintiffs’ “registered agent/consent” argument
  • Daimler’s implications for mass actions and class actions
  • How to respond to plaintiffs’ expansive theories of “specific” personal jurisdiction
  • How to preserve personal-jurisdiction issues for appeal
  • How to oppose plaintiffs’ requests for onerous “personal jurisdiction” discovery
  • The current state of play in the Supreme Court and other appellate courts

Please join Andrew Pincus, Dan Himmelfarb, Gary Isaac and Andrew Tauber on November 14 at 1:00 pm EST for this practical, informative discussion.

CLE credit is pending.

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For additional information, please contact Pascale Rucker at or +1 202 263 3321.

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