AIPLA’s webinar, Has Your Patent Knowledge Kept Pace? The New Legal Normal, Post-AIA addresses the world of US patent law after the September 16, 2011, enactment of the America Invents Act (AIA).  In the ensuing five years, patent practitioners and stakeholders have adapted their practices to the evolving implementation of the AIA, which has impacted patent prosecution, enforcement, licensing, and portfolio management.  Those who work as in-house counsel, patent litigators, and patent prosecutors should be aware of how the law has evolved, as well as best practices and tips for operating under the AIA.  This webinar is specifically directed to providing such guidance, and calls upon the experience of three different speakers who address these issues from the in-house counsel perspective, the prosecution perspective, and the patent litigator perspective.  Speakers will discuss how practices have changed over the past five years and will focus on the most important issues for practitioners. 

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