The excitement of establishing a joint venture—and its potential for growth—can cause the parties involved to disregard risks and ignore key protections of interest that should be considered at the onset of the deal. Proactively identifying the problems that could develop and the disputes that could arise between partners—and structuring transactions to address those potential issues—are vital to helping ensure the long-term success of a joint venture and to safeguarding a party’s interests in the context of that joint venture.

Please join Mayer Brown partners Reginald Goeke, co-leader of the firm’s Commercial Litigation practice, and Charles Hallab, leader of the firm’s International Joint Venture & Strategic Alliance practice, as they discuss the problems and solutions that often present themselves in joint ventures.

Topics will include:

  • What are the major and/or most common pitfalls, particularly in international joint ventures?
  • How can you prudently and proactively minimize such risks?
  • How can parties ascertain and protect their rights without destabilizing or destroying the venture?
  • If a dispute develops, what is the best forum for resolution, and what issues are likely to arise?

CLE credit is pending.

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