Rajesh De, Rebecca Eisner, and Gabriela Kennedy, hosted a breakfast roundtable on 20 September 2016, titled “From the War Room to the Board Room? Effectively Managing Cyber Risk Without Joining the Front Lines” at our Hong Kong office. General counsel, in-house counsel, chief information officers and chief risk officers of our firm’s key clients attended the roundtable to hear Raj, Rebecca and Gabriela discuss the challenges many companies face, posed by the risk of cybersecurity and data privacy.

Gabriela opened the roundtable with welcoming remarks and a warm introduction to Raj and Rebecca. Designed as an interactive panel, the roundtable explored the evolution of cybersecurity threats and how these threats pose a challenge to companies of all sizes. Raj, Rebecca and Gabriela discussed how traditional legal rules governing the risk management obligations of boards and senior management can be adapted to the cybersecurity context and the interrelated elements of an effective strategy that can be adopted by boards of directors and senior management to navigate the risks posed by cybersecurity and data privacy threats.

The roundtable provided attendees with the opportunity to engage with the panellists in an open and robust dialogue about their own challenges and concerns relating to cybersecurity and data privacy risk.