Rhodes and Marcus Christian participated in a Cybersecurity Incident Response Wargame conducted by the Auto-ISAC in Detroit on July 21, 2016.  The Auto-ISAC is an association of 15 automotive manufacturers, representing over 98% of the cars on the road in North America, and suppliers of motor vehicle equipment related to connected and autonomous vehicles.  The Auto-ISAC provides a hub for the sharing and analysis of cyber threat intelligence related to the automotive industry, and the Wargame provided  automakers and suppliers with an experience in handling cyber threat information.   The event was one of the first activities of the firm’s newly-formed Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Group, which includes Erika Jones, Linda Rhodes, Paul Roy, Brad Peterson, Paul Chandler, Rebecca Eisner, Lei Shen, Raj De, Marcus Christian, Stephen Lilley, Kendall Burman, Clint Brannon, Howard Waltzman and Angela Giancarlo.