Gabriela Kennedy was co-leader of the opening session “The Elephant in the Room: Government Access to Personal Data Globally” at the Forum on International Data Privacy Law (the “Forum”), which was held in Surrey, UK on 18-20 April 2016. The Forum was organised by Cambridge Forums Inc., which holds forums across the world, bringing together experienced professionals in a particular field to discuss and address their sector's most challenging issues. The Forum gathered 44 elite participants in the data privacy field, comprising senior privacy practitioners, chief privacy officers and regulators, with a goal to foster active discussion and debate on topics selected by the Forum’s Steering Committee.

The opening session co-moderated by Gabriela explored key aspects around government access to personal data and how global companies respond to such access. Gabriela, together with her co-discussion leader Monika Tomczak-Górlikowska, Data Privacy Legal Counsel of Shell International Limited London, examined the impact of the collapse of the Safe Harbour provisions between the US and EU, main legislative initiatives around government access to personal data in different jurisdictions, and whether or not technologies around protection of data such as encryption are viewed by governments as barriers to surveillance in the name of national security.